The Galy Scholarship

Galy Scholarship

Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine

Board certification from an appropriate centre recognised by RCGP UK

This course is an advanced, multidisciplinary course covering the foundation principles of Age Management Medicine. The course is constructed to help the clinician gain essential knowledge to position them at the forefront of this rapidly evolving, ever-expanding medical specialty.

The course is marked by its contributing experts from a variety of medical fields — hormones, nutrition, exercise, patient assessment — and applications for 21st-century clinical innovations, such as genetic testing and personalised medicine. Real case studies/situations are reviewed in problem-solving, round-table discussions.

The programme will:

– Provide proficiency in the essential knowledge of Age Management Medicine via an online study module, culminating in a proficiency exam

– Deliver a two-day live interactive training, moving you to a higher level of understanding via case studies and interactive discussions

– Include three highly progressive and well-developed modules

– Cover the insights, research, and protocols needed to advance your practice in this patient-centered, life-transforming medical specialty via an online study module

– Allow you to continue with full-time work due to the flexible and online learning format

– Conclude with a comprehensive, case-focused final exam (web-based)

Value of Scholarship: $5,900

To include all tuition, examinations, and certification processes. Excludes travel, accommodation.

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