About 23MD London

Who We Are

23MD is a specialised cosmetic and medical clinic in London. Founders Dr. Martin Galy and Dr. Suha A. Kersh take a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, combining approved treatments and technologies with cutting-edge wellness medicine, to ensure inner and outer health for their patients.

23MD offers face, body and skin treatments with an emphasis on delivering natural results. The clinic is also renowned for wellness and bio-identical hormones, providing bespoke solutions for lifestyle and wellbeing maintenance.

23MD is widely regarded as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the world of cosmetic and anti-ageing medicine. The boutique clinic gives patients access to the best possible care, in a convenient, comfortable and private environment.

Doctor Martin Galy Lead Physician

Dr. Martin Galy



Born in Trinidad, West Indies, Dr Galy studied at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland from where he graduated in 1989. Dr. Galy worked in various countries including the UK, Ireland and Trinidad, in both general practice and addiction medicine.

After 15 years of traditional medicine, Dr Galy travelled to the USA to learn more about the use of bio-identical hormone treatments (BHRT) in the restoration of wellbeing and health maintenance. Here, he trained in various uses of BHRT and subsequently  specialised in the subject, gaining notability for his innovative and bespoke approach to traditional prescribing practices.

Upon returning to the UK, Dr Galy continued to pioneer the use of BHRT. He established the Bio-rejuvenation Clinic in Notting Hill London in 2013, and subsequently  co-founded 23MD London in 2015 with Dr Suha. Kersh.

Caring and empathetic, Dr Galy is passionate about using bio-identical hormones to improve his patients’ quality of life. He prides himself on his ability to listen and communicate, whether conducting an initial diagnosis or devising a treatment plan specific to a patient’s needs. Dr Galy is widely regarded as the leading bio-identical hormone specialist in the UK, and has been acclaimed in the public press.


Dr. Suha A Kersh



Born in Saudi Arabia, Dr Kersh was raised in Lebanon and Greece. She studied at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland from where she graduated in 1991. Following this, Dr. Kersh worked in paediatrics with a special interest in neonatal intensive care, enabling her to fine-tune her injection technique. Thereafter, she gained her psychiatry membership, which reinforced her understanding of the patient and their psychological journey through cosmetic rejuvenation.

In the coming years, Dr. Kersh pursued an interest in cosmetic medicine, quickly becoming notable for her 4D facial technique for a truly holistic non-surgical face-lift. This method  uses a combination of medical approved injectable technologies to volumise, sculpt and lift while enhancing skin health, tone and texture using traditional medicine with cutting edge energy-based technologies.

In 2015, Dr Kersh co-founded 23MD London with Dr Martin Galy in London U.K.

Today, Dr. Kersh is widely recognised as a leading specialist in the field of aesthetics and skin health and is known for her artistic yet natural approach to facial rejuvenation. She believes in building an honest and trusting relationship with patients through her consultations, enabling her clients to make an informed decision about their treatment journey.

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